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Welcome to somota.org, a Voluntary and Charity organisation dedicated to supporting impoverished communities and promoting sustainable development. At SOMOTA, we strive to create a better future for those who need it the most by focusing on four key areas: poverty alleviation, rural infrastructure development, youth employment, and donation collection.
Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency. We believe that access to basic resources such as clean water, education, and healthcare is a fundamental right, and we work tirelessly to make these resources available to those who need them.

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We also recognize the importance of developing rural infrastructure to enable communities to thrive. Our team of experts works with local communities to identify their needs and provide tailored solutions that promote economic growth and sustainability. From building roads and bridges to installing solar panels and water pumps, we are committed to creating a better future for all.
At SOMOTA, we also understand the challenges faced by unemployed youth. We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to build a meaningful and fulfilling career. That’s why we offer training and mentorship programs that equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s job market.
Lastly, we rely on the generosity of our donors to support our work. Every donation we receive goes directly towards funding our projects and programs, ensuring that we can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. However, All the somota members have been contributing monthly subscription since the inception.
Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for all. Visit somota.org today to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Repairing the unusable rural roads

Repairing the unusable rural roads

Repairing the unusable rural roads

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